Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The antiques shop with no name

The antiques shop across the road from my house always has a treasure or two in its window or on the pavement outside, and I've been meaning to take some pictures for too long to mention.

So I popped in the other day and told the owner (a very charming silver-haired gent) about my blog. He  was delighted for me to take some pictures, with the understanding that I don't include the name of the shop. But, I ventured, don't you want the publicity? Oh no, he said, we don't like any kind of publicity, we only do word of mouth!

So here you have it - some anonymous pictures from the antiques shop with no name (on Friday Street, Henley) - shhhh!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pretty Knits

One of my favourite birthday gifts for Milo was a gorgeous handmade knit cardigan from Emma Embery (whose boutique I featured recently). I love the perfectly embroidered mini cars, balloons, the striped grosgrain ribbon and colourful buttons - can't wait for him to grow into this one!