Thursday, 23 February 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

What a lovely surprise to see that I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Awards by Whitney at What Whitney Did Next, I feel truly honoured!

My task now is to nominate five other blogs (with up to 200 followers) that I love - well I have to say it's been easy to choose my favourites. Take a look and be inspired -

Albert and the Lion

Postcards from Battersea

Wolves at the Door

Sally Likes Doodling

On the First Day of Marriage

If you are nominated - pass the award onto 5 other blogs with under 200 followers.

Write a post about it and link back to the one that nominated you.

Leave a comment on the blogs that you nominate.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hide and Seek boutique

I've been up north on the Wirral this week and popped by Emma Embery's new boutique and workshop, Hide and Seek, in Irby Village. If you've been an avid reader of this blog you may remember Emma's pretty studio space and the beautiful vintage-inspired hairpin she made for my wedding, as well as her gorgeous knits for Milo (see below post for the cardigan that seems to grow with him!)

Emma's shop is a magpie's dream inside - with every nook and cranny filled with things to treasure: her own lace and jewel embroidered shawls and dresses, jewellery made with antique pearls and gems, lampshades up-cycled with vintage fabric appliques, hand-knitted and vintage children's clothes, and a few bits and pieces from other local makers. She also hosts creative workshops such as vintage-inspired jewellery making and embroidery where you can wile away a couple of hours drinking tea, eating cake and brushing up on your crafting skills.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Vintage Craft

My friend Vanessa very thoughtfully sent these lovely retro crafty kits for Milo all the way from Australia. I love the lovely vintage colours of the embroidery sets from Marc Vidal and I'm looking forward to finding a suitable sock to steal from Vintage Husband's draw to make a sock giraffe (find more on Aussie site Craft Schmaft).  Milo is clearly intrigued...