Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Vintage books

A pile of beautiful old books from quite possibly the best second hand bookshop I've ever come across - Richard Way's, a few doors from our house. 

It's a wonderful little place - crammed from floor to ceiling with books, but surprisingly easy to find exactly what you want. So far I've bought antique maps (ideal man gifts), vintage children's books, a wild flower annual for my mum and some beautifully covered pre-war Oscar Wilde classics. No website I'm afraid, so you'll just have to come and visit.


  1. Hi there,

    My lovely friend Helena and your lovely friend too told me about your gorgeous blog. I adore The Pleasure Book for Boys you've treasure hunted, my son is two and I can't wait to find him researching cheekyness through his collection of vintage books.

    Thanks for such a lovely blog read over a hot chocolate, it's the only time I have to blog for myself and read fellow bloggers tales.

    Off to bed now!

    Kindest regards

    Cheryl-ann x

  2. They look divine - I absolutely love old books! My sister also uses image like these to create bunting and it turns out gorgeous!