Friday, 22 January 2010

Fantasy Vintage Wedding: wildflower meadows

Within days of getting engaged I was indulging in my ultimate wedding fantasy - a dream that involved wildflower meadows, a long summer's day, trestle tables laden with organic produce and me padding around bare-foot with flowers in my hair. Reality has of course since set in, but I'm determined not to compromise on my vision completely. A marquee in the garden can still feel rustic and countrified... more English garden party than hippie-boho abroad.

Lunch at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond provided an initial springboard for ideas... the restaurant is set in a greenhouse filled with artfully mismatched old tables and chairs; antique rugs and wall hangings and flowers in pots and jam jars on the tables - creating a wonderfully laid back atmosphere...


  1. Am styling a wedding in July- her parents have a wildflower meadow! Can't wait to see it..
    Hope they will let me run through it barefoot! that would be a dream.
    have a look at

  2. Thanks for the tip! Their meadows of wildflowers look beautiful...