Sunday, 24 January 2010

Finding the perfect vintage wedding venue

Having decided to go ahead with a garden wedding, finding a marquee that has a more rustic, individual appeal has been tricky. First thoughts were Tipis - or Giant Hats as their known in the business. The pics below are from  PapaKata and Tipi Events - absolutely stunning, atmospheric and perfect for "trestle table fantasy", however a little dark when the sides are down, and with the wedding location on the north-west UK coast, we just can't guarantee a warm and sunny day.


An alternative for a more English garden party feel, is the totally gorgeous Somerset-based White Canvas tent company. Their traditional canvas marquees have a charming, vintage feel and they also provide beautiful printed fabric linings. All this gorgeousness doesn't come cheap though - and they are so busy it's not worth their while travelling up north. Clearly a gap in the market here!


The Raj Tent Club marquees pictured below have an evocative, Maharaja-inspired feel with colourful low seating and block-printed fabric drapes and linings.

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