Thursday, 4 February 2010

When in Rome...

I'm just back from a work trip to Rome and thought I'd post up some of the inspirations I found there...

Sunday morning was spent at Borghetto Flamino flea market on Piazzale della Marina sifting through all the vintage china, lace and antique jewellery - I thought the brooch below could double up as a pretty wedding hair accessory:
 Rome’s "edgier" neighbourhood Monti proved a real find for vintage and antiques. I loved the old teapots (alternative vases for flowers?) and refillable glass wine bottles at Mia Market (225 via Pansiperna):
Fioramonti Tessuti on Piazza Pollarola didn't look like much from the outside but was filled with roll after roll of fabric - plenty of stripes and florals for decorating a marquee here: 

I also loved all the old-fashioned signage that still adorns so many shop fronts. May prove a good starting point for the invitations:


  1. oo teacups,teapots, wallpaper and jewellry! Good golly- am booking my flight immediately!

  2. Make sure you take an extra suitcase!