Thursday, 25 March 2010

Inspirations from Iceland

For a city the size of Portsmouth (population: 115,000), Reyjavik is astonishingly – achingly - hip. The tiny main street Laugavegur is lined with mini boutiques without a big brand in site, and there are beautifully styled people everywhere.

I was there writing a city guide, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of wedding research at the same time. I spent far too long in Frida Fraenka taking pictures (my baggage allowance wouldn’t stretch to all that crockery I’m afraid) - a den of antiques, bric-a-brac and curiosities. A little cubby hole at the back was piled high with fabrics with some great 50s and 60s florals and embroideries, while the china tea sets practically teetered off shelves and tables.

This dreamy dress also caught my eye at vintage shop Nostalgia (on Laugavegur). And I loved the simple display of flower cuttings and branches in old glass bottles at Andersen & Lauth on the same street -  a nice idea for a more contemporary look (dare I say it!) for table decorations.


  1. Hi, I heard about your blog on the Dorset Cereals website. I love it it's amazing!

  2. Oh I dream of taking a trip to Iceland!! Thanks for the mini tour! Lovely finds.

  3. Heaven, bliss & I wish I was there too....

  4. oh my goodness!! My eyes my eyes.. too many lovely things..right booking a flight to Iceland now. Any place that gave us Bjork must be brill