Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Vintage wedding jewellery ideas

I haven’t even begun to contemplate jewellery yet, but my colleague Sue sent me a link Sarah Drew’s handmade collection of vintage bridal headdresses and necklaces, and I couldn’t resist posting a couple of pictures up. Sarah cleverly combines antique brooches, lace, pearls and gems to create one-off pieces, and you can even provide your own brooch to personalise a look.

I love the sound of her Boutique Bridal Jewellery Weekends that she hosts in Cornwall: a weekend of making your own bridal or bridesmaid’s jewellery and even wedding rings – perfect for a pre-wedding bonding session with your bridesmaids or a creative and crafty hen do.


  1. Soo beautifulll! Nice delicacies you've posted today. Good choice. I'm still amazed that you have such a weak following because this blog is really gorgeous. (Well, I don't have many myself!) I get dismayed when nobody leaves comments and hate visiting a post that has no comments and not putting in one of my own. You should try doing a giveaway for brides to be..... that's not me of course been married donkeys' years:)

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