Saturday, 27 November 2010

Vintage print inspiration

As you may remember from my pre-wedding foray into wooden block printing, I’m a big fan of vintage letterpress prints. If you’re looking for a more professional finish than DIY block printing, I’d recommend East London-based letterpress studio A Two Pipe Problem, which does beautiful bespoke posters, stationery (including wedding invites and cards) and book covers. 

Everything is designed directly on the 1930s press, using nothing but old wooden blocks and metal type, some are a little worn around the edges lending the type an old-fashioned charm. 
You can also attend letterpress workshops to learn about the traditional printing process and make your very own poster. 

While on the subject of vintage-style invitations, I love this one that a colleague passed on to me - such a clever concept and so beautifully designed by the groom himself.

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  1. Love what I have seen of your blog so far. You might be interested in my photographic ghost sign collection:

    I've been working on this project for a couple of years now and it has taken me on a bit of a treasure hunt across the UK and USA. I sell prints of my photographs, have gift cards in production, and my project has received some good press – but I'm really wanting to market it more towards interior designers and vintage fans as the images look so fantastic when they're up on a wall [where they belong of course]...

    Hope you like it.

    Portfolio & Prints Shop:
    Small Prints @ Etsy: