Friday, 19 November 2010

Vintage Vienna

I must apologise for my online absence of late - I was struck down with a winter lurgy and have since been off again overseas for work. Anyway, Vienna’s cosy cafes, cakes and hot chocolates soon perked me up - here are my favourite bits of the city:

Vintage-inspired packaging at the master confectioner’s Demel:

Modernist lighting Zeitloos and Pristine vintage treasures at Flo Vintage:

Cute and quirky haberdashery and crafting fabrics at Herzilein : 

 Art Nouveau and Secessionist design at The MAK museum:

Kitsch decorations at Vienna’s christmas markets:

And not forgetting - warm Apfelstrudel with custard (best eaten in one of the city’s grand old coffee houses such as Cafe Central):


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  2. The lamp is very beautiful!