Sunday, 27 November 2011

Vintage Fabric

I bought these vintage fabrics from the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury, only to discover that Vintage Husband had the colourful houses fabric as his bedroom curtains when he was a little boy! Definitely one for Milo's nursery - just got to decide what to do with it! 


  1. You will LOVE Stella Dallas' shop WHEN you come to brooklyn - floor to ceiling in amazing vintage fabrics (if a little pricey!)

  2. Beautiful fabrics!!! Hope I'm not interfering or being presumptuous but you have two very interesting new followers!! You do know that you can ban certain people from following you? Sorry if I'm out of line just don't know if you are aware of what your two latest followers link to.

  3. Ha ha yes thanks for the tip off - i had noticed them too and they have subsequently been banished (after a question posted on the help forum!)
    Thanks for your comments . That fabric place looks AMAZING! x

  4. ooooo what a pretty blog, I love those tea cups. Not sure if you ever want to blog about my new fabric collection of vintage inspired linens or whether your followers would be interested? the website is
    Launched 1st November this year! Many thanks, Kimberley Bell