Sunday, 4 December 2011

Readers' Homes: Rowan's place

We made a weekend trip back to the East End recently and stayed with our super stylish friend Rowan in her gorgeous Hoxton flat. The kind of space that feels calm and immaculately tidy yet cosy and quirky, with plenty of vintage finds to admire. A crochet cot blanket from her own childhood now covering a sofa arm, a vintage floral quilt on the bed, old Bunty annuals stacked up by the fireplace - and lots and lots of perfectly placed books (and they're not just for show - I guarantee she has read them all!)


  1. What a lurvely place! Love the succulent in the tea cup and the idea that we actually read all the books we have on show in the house! (though this would take me my whole life time because my mother is book hoarder! Hope you are having a Merry December!

  2. Seeing the Bunty Annuals takes me back! I used to have the Bunty delivered on Saturday as a child and my sister would get Diana!! Love this place.