Thursday, 27 May 2010

Readers' Weddings: Laura and Dave

Castle Lachlan in Argyle, Scotland was the backdrop for Laura and Dave’s cosy, homespun wedding, where the theme was a laid-back atmosphere and “lots of colour”. 

Vintage details: Print designer Laura trawled charity shops and Ebay for the striking 60s/70s vintage tablecloths. Yvonne Mullock made an exact replica of a 1940s dress that Laura found in Glasgow (albeit 3 inches longer); and the bridesmaids sourced their own colourful vintage dresses.

Homemade things: As for the fabulous woollen confectionary, Laura explains: “There was a knitting team for the cakes... my friends Anna, Jeni, Bec, Lorraine, Leigh, Glo and myself knitted all the wee ones and my Mum, Grandma and Grandad were the team behind the wedding cake.”

The bride and groom made the place names together, using a picture of them dressed up as Candice-Marie and Keith from 70s Mike Leigh film Nuts in May.

All photography by CandySnaps 

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