Monday, 17 May 2010

A simple idea from Anthropologie

If I had to live in a shop, that shop would be Anthropologie - the beautifully eclectic, colourful and inspirational American import that sources goods from around the world, hikes the price up, and displays it so gorgeously that you cant resist wanting to buy everything in sight. Anyway, last time I was in there (drooling over hot chocolate bowls and patchwork bed spreads), I spotted this simple display of lavender sprigs taped to the wall, and took a surreptitious photo.


  1. The design is super simple :) but it is fabulous, It makes me wonder, does the whole store smells like Lavender too?

  2. Ooo, love the US stores but the UK stores are rubbish in comparison! I guess I want a little more homewares in the UK stores. Although the lavender is heaven.